Revival Oak - light

Art.-No. 80001894

Size: 1225 x 190 x 5,2 mm

The seven exclusive visuals of DECOLIFE AQUA BASE are authentic embossed in register which results in a special realistic look and feeling.

DECOLIFE AQUA BASE is water-resistant and suitable for wet rooms like bathroom or kitchen. Due to its low construction hight of only 5,2 mm DECOLIFE AQUA BASE is perfect for renovation projects and can directly be installed on hard floorings. The cork underlay makes the flooring particularly comfortable, absorbs impact and step sound and provides additional thermal insulation.

Revival Oak - dark Art.-No. 80001892
Ash Oak Art.-No. 80001904 15 Jahre Garantie
DECOLIFE NATURE Ash Oak Art.-No. 80001904

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